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A Timely Torah Message By Shaya Gross

Reflecting on the Past Year

This week’s Parsha describes a terrible curse that will occur before Moshiach arrives if we do not fulfill Hashem’s will. It foretells a devastating destruction where the land will bear no fruit, and not even grass will grow. This is a phenomenon that is quite understandable in nuclear terms. The Torah may very well be alluding to Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb to wreak havoc in the world.

The Torah compares this threat of destruction to Sedom. What is the connection between the devastating curse in this week’s parsha, and the destruction to Sedom?

The Satmar Rebbe Zatzal explains that when Avraham davened for Sedom, he was davening for the last generation (before Moshiach) as well to be safe from this threat. And thus, when Hashem agreed to Avraham’s plea that if there were ten Tzadikim in Sedom, he would not destroy the city, He was likewise agreeing for our generation that if there are ten special Tzadikim, He would spare us from this threat as well!

It is very frightening to note that many of our great Tzadikim have been niftar in the last couple years, and that the world seems to be like a tinderbox ready to explode into a world war at any moment. As we approach Rosh Hashana and reflect on all of the losses we have suffered this year, may we be inspired to pour out our hearts in tefilla for our remaining tzadikim, do all that we can to repent and improve our Midos, and have unity with all our brethren. In this merit, we will hopefully be spared from this horrific threat and greet Moshiach soon in our days.

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